Brought to you by Home Solutions Midwest - Making Homes New Again! UPDATE from Steve's Test Kitchen and Grill - Photos

If you watched the video this past weekend for the 'Volcano Potato' I have some slight revisions  to report after testing the original recipe.
~ Check the Photo Gallery and see my test results below ~

Yukon Gold potatoes stuffed w/ twice-baked mixture of potato, cheeses, cream cheese & seasoning. Precooked bacon wrapped, and ready for grilling!

The trickiest part of this recipe comes after precooking your selected potatoes. I boiled mine in the skin, and did so keeping it on the firm side. Do NOT OVER COOK! (I lost one spud in the process)

After the potatoes have thoroughly cooled, slice off both ends so that the potato can stand on it's own. The other cut end you will scoop out and create a cavity about 3/4 of the way thru. (save what you scoop out)

Take the excess potato (minus the skin), mash it thoroughly, and combine it with cream cheese, & shredded cheddar. I chose jalapeno pepper-jack as my 2nd cheese choice, but you can use whatever you like. Add the finely chopped scallions, along with a little salt & black pepper. Use this mixture to stuff, and OVER-STUFF the cavity you cut into the potato, mounding it on top to create an over-stuffed look.

Precook the bacon strips (as I suggested in the TIPS at the original post), making sure to NOT over-cook. You want them pliable so they are easy to wrap & secure w/ tooth picks. I used 3 strips per potato.

The original recipe called for a 350 degree oven. I moved it outdoors to a 500 degree gas grill. The potatoes stood tall on a lightly greased cast iron fajita plate w/ handle. The last layer of Colby longhorn slice melted completely in less than 2 minutes. Next time I'm going to top the creation with a battered onion ring as the topping finale. The best part was hearing the bacon & melted cheese sizzle for 3-4 minutes when I brought them in from the grill. A dab of sour cream and a few slices of scallion greens and you're good! -Steve Richards ~ Quick Country Weekends

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photo: Steve Richards ~ TSM Rochester, MN


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photo: Steve Richards ~ TSM Rochester, MN -- The knowledgeable staff at The Home Depot Rochester