I have to admit, after watching a little of the USA vs Portugal World Cup soccer match last weekend (which ended in 2-2 tie), I did spend a little time today watching Team USA take on Germany. (SPOILER ALERT!!) The match ended earlier Thursday, and while Team USA lost the match 1-0, they're still advancing. Huh?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Fox Sports has the story HERE. But this is just another reason I don't get soccer.  You can LOSE, yet still move on in the tournament?  It's sure not like major league baseball or the national hockey league, where, in the playoffs, World Series or Stanley Cup, the first team to win four games out of seven wins. Or like in the NFL playoffs or the Super Bowl where, if you lose, you're done.

While I'm still rooting for Team USA, I just don't get soccer. I don't identify with it. When I watch the Twins or Brewers, I find myself thinking back to playing baseball when I was a kid and wishing I'd made it as a starting pitcher. When I watch an NFL game, I can remember tossing the football around with my brother in the backyard. But every time I watch a soccer game (which, granted, isn't that often) I'm struck by the fact that I'm glad it's not ME playing -- there's just too much running around.

But go Team USA -- it's cool you're still alive in the World Cup tournament. Even if I don't understand it.