She wasn't even sorry. I caught my cat, Pantera, taking a lick of my beef enchilada that we made for dinner last night - and I had to shame her! She has to know that this isn't okay!

LOL!! Why did she do this!? I really hope it didn't bother her (it didn't seem too) because it was kind of spicy!

Recently, the video Carrie Underwood made of herself scolding her dog Penny went viral, so that's where I got the idea for this one. Do you remember it? Penny totally stole a slice of toast, and didn't even offer it to her brother Ace (Carrie's other dog) at all!

All Carrie was trying to do, was change a diaper, and her toast is gone! All I was trying to do, was get a drink to go with my meal! Sheesh, animals can be greedy. They're not even sorry about this! We have to change this!