Whoah baby! Minnesota, you've got a hard test when it comes to your drivers! My face was like Taylor's the entire time I took it!

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I had to take it, because I came from out of state. Illinois to be specific. When I moved to Illinois from Pittsburgh, I took Illinois' version too. So, if you need a study buddy, I'm your girl! I've taken a version of this 3 times in the last eight years now!

Minnesota's test is tough. It's a forty question test, that requires earning at least an 80% to "pass" ...I'm happy to report I earned an 82% and passed! Here's my question though, why is it that "better" answers aren't always the right ones?

For example: If you're supposed to alert driver's that you're turning 50ft ahead of time with your signal, why is answering that you're supposed to do this at 100ft wrong? Doesn't it pay to be extra careful!? Is there ever a "too soon" moment when it comes to giving other drivers a heads up? Good thing I got that one right!

Need a refresher? Take the practice test here!

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