I've seriously had a blast with all of you since August! I never imagined that my path in life would one day lead to a creative, fulfilling and interactive experience in Minnesota. I got way more than I bargain for, and I am so lucky!

A lot of you have asked me, "how do you like it?" and "What's Pittsburgh like?" - I'll answer those separately.

Firstly, I am falling in love with Minnesota - even its winters! I'm meeting fun-loving, family oriented people who just want to find some fun in their day. As for Pittsburgh, it's a family-oriented place too. We just like the Steelers a lot more than you do! ;-)

Thank you all for joining me on this journey! I hope to meet even more of you in 2017!

Here are some my best "Minnesota firsts" I've experienced in 2016.


1. The time my Dad came to visit in Minnesota.

TSM Rochester

He sees that I'm happy here, and we had a great time!


2. The time I passed my "first" Minnesota written driver's test!

Getty Images

You guys have a tough written test! It's tougher than any I've ever taken before, seriously.


3. My first Twins game.

TSM Rochester

My husband and I caught the Twins vs. Royals game on September 7th! It was a lot of fun, and I'm ready to go back to Target Field again. I learned five things there, btw.


4. Our first trip to Duluth.

TSM Rochester

Too much fun! There is no better place to take a fall drive, than in Minnesota, or Duluth!

Can you believe I accomplished these all within just a few months? What else do I need to do for the first time in Minnesota?