With the countdown now at just hours until the eyes of the sports world are focused on Minnesota for Major League Baseball's All-Star Game at Target Field, there are all sorts of other cool things happening as a result, as well.  Like seeing the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds!

The team flew into Duluth over the weekend in preparation for Tuesday's game. Just like the Navy Blue Angels, seeing the Thunderbirds in action is pretty cool.  When I lived in Eau Claire, Wis., my duplex was near the Chippewa Valley Region Airport, and the Thunderbirds were the featured team at that year's airshow. Talk about impressive! And because I lived directly over the runway, I got to see the team do their fly-throughs and rehearsals. Which lead to some rather odd sights: I remember waking up from a nap on my couch and seeing an F16 fly by my front window-- which is something you don't often see around here! Here's a look at the team and how they're preparing for Tuesday's appearance in Minneapolis: