Ahh, summer in Minnesota -- where, once the heat and humidity gets here, the kids will no doubt want you to take them to Soldier's Field or Silver Lake Pool, or maybe Foster Arend Beach. Or maybe just set up the Slip And Slide in the backyard. But I'm guessing you probably haven't set up a Slip And Slide like this before -- where you end up sliding off the edge of a 50-foot cliff!

This video is actually the work of a team of professional cameramen and thrill seekers who set up a tarp runway over Lake Powell in Utah, near the Arizona border. The slide ends up dropping off 50 feet into Lake Powell below.  I'm not sure if it looks like fun -- or if it's more like completely terrorizing.

Parade has the story HERE, and notes that, "For any aspiring risk taker who want to try this themselves, the video warns: “The stunts performed in this video were done by trained professionals and under the supervision of professionals, we insist that you do not try this at home.”