I was on my way to the station the other day, and happened to be stopped at a stoplight in downtown Rochester right next to one of the Mayo shuttles-- in this case, it was the 'Green Shuttle' that runs between Saint Marys campus and Mayo's main buildings. But what color, would you guess, is the Green Shuttle?

Nope, not green. That would make too much sense! That's right, the Green Shuttle is actually white in color. Now, to be fair, the SIGN on the bus that says it's the Green Shuttle, is green in color. But the bus itself is definitely white.

It reminds of the time when I was a student at UW-Eau Claire, and was assigned to cover a meeting the Chancellor held with students every quarter, called the 'Chancellor's Roundtable.'  It was held in a typical conference room, around a rectangular table.  When I asked the Chancellor what shape the table was that was hosting his Roundtable, he was amused to tell me it wasn't, in fact, round.

Maybe I need new some hobbies...