A day or so ago, my wife and I noticed a foul smell in our garage. We thought it was the trash (seeing as it WAS garbage pick-up day), that is, until I got in my car. Hoo, boy! The smell was definitely coming from the SUV. And it wasn't pleasant -- it had that distinct 'dead animal' smell to it -- and seemed to be coming from a/c vents. But what was causing it?

I found this mouse nest-- complete with decomposing critter-- in my SUV's air vent intake compartment

Taking the advice of several very wise Quick Country listeners, I was advised to check around the cabin air filter.  In my particular SUV, getting to the cabin air filter involved removing the plastic cowling that borders the windshield. Well, I opened it up this morning, and boy did I find the cause: A big 'ol mouse nest!

I'm not sure how long it had been there, but it was definitely a smelly mess.

The smelly nest, finally removed from my SUV

I'm guessing there was a decaying carcass in there somewhere, but I didn't dig around in it to find out. I quickly removed most of it using a pair of pliers and the handy shop vac, and then sprayed some disinfectant in the compartment where I found the nest.  So far, the smell is gone -- hopefully, for good!