When I left the scenic Quick Country studios, located high atop the Townsquare Media Building in downtown Rochester, yesterday evening, I accidentally left my phone behind. Of course, I didn't realize that I'd forgotten the phone until I got home and was going to recharge it. At which point, though, I started freaking out. Where's my phone?!? Did I lose it again?!?

Well, it turns out, I didn't lose it; I knew right where it was, I just forgot to take it with me. Which IS better than losing it, I guess. But it pointed out to me how we sure have grown dependent on those things, haven't we?

Some people freak out way more than I do when they don't have access to their phone-- actually getting anxious and nervous, feeling like they're missing something important.

Once I realized where the phone was (and once I decided I was too lazy to drive back downtown to pick it up last night), it was actually kind of relaxing, knowing that I couldn't check the phone, even if I wanted to.

Ever left your phone someplace weird? How'd you react?

Bloomberg/Getty Images