I used to have a fat Beagle named Sophie. She had many nicknames including "Woofus" and "Porky Chop-a-lofficus." She was nothing like this cat, though.

"Meatball the Cat” is one of the world’s fattest cats weighing in at 35 pounds.

He was handed over to a rescue center in Phoenix, Arizona, after his owners couldn’t care for him anymore, and he weighs more than a three-year-old child.

The rescue center workers suspect that Meatball was fed a diet of human food by his previous owners since he doesn’t seem interested in cat food at all.

Meatball's last owners took him in from another owner and cared for the cat for six months before he started 'having accidents around the house', so they gave him up.

Due to his health, they will not be putting him up for adoption because his weight also puts him at serious risk for more health problems-- and he already has glaucoma in one eye. (The Rooster)