It's as big the length of a football field-- that's longer than two Boeing 737's. It has a wingspan of 225 feet and can carry up to 550,000 pounds, which is the equivalent of three fully-loaded Boeing 737's. What is it? It's the The Antonov AN-225 Mriya, a Ukranian-built cargo plane, and it's sitting at the Minneapolis airport right now.

Bring Me The has the story of the huge aircraft-- which it says was originally built to transport Russian space shuttles and booster rockets, but since 2002 has been used to carry extra-large commercial cargo.

Nobody is quite sure why the plane is parked on the tarmac here Minnesota, although BringMeTheNews says it's suspected the Mriya arrived to pick up large air conditioning units and will then make a stop in France or Switzerland before dropping the cargo off in the Middle East.  It's a massive plane, alright!  Check out video of the Mriya, as it sits at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport: