One of the shows my wife and I watch each week is NBC's "Parenthood" - the story of the Braverman family, set in Berkeley, CA. For the past 5 seasons, however, the show has been on the 'bubble', as insiders say, when it comes to being renewed. Well, word came down today that "Parenthood" was, in fact, renewed for its 6th and final season next year - even if it IS only for 13 episodes.

I'm always surprised at how quickly a network will pull the plug on a show. I've heard the knock on "Parenthood" is that it's very expensive to produce, thanks to its large cast. But I'm still surprised that a show like that, which does OK in the ratings (it's never won its time slot, however) always seems to be just a step away from being cancelled. The networks apparently would rather take a chance on a brand new show - which might do way worse in the ratings - than stick with a mid-range performing show, I guess, DESPITE it having found an audience already.  I guess that's why I'm not a network programmer...

Another show that has a small, but devoted, following is "Community." It didn't fare as well, however. After five seasons, NBC has announced that show has been given the 'ol heave ho. It had been on the bubble for three years now, so, this doesn't really come as a surprise.

Other shows NBC is also NOT bringing back include:

"Growing Up Fisher"
"The Michael J. Fox Show"
"Sean Saves the World"
"Welcome to the Family".

The shows that NBC has renewed include:
"The Voice"

"The Blacklist"
"About a Boy"
"Chicago Fire"
"Chicago P.D."
"Law & Order: SVU"
"The Biggest Loser"
"Celebrity Apprentice".

By the way, NBC will air next year's Super Bowl on February 1st, and they've announced that "The Blacklist" is getting the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot.