While we had many stores and restaurants close this year, we also gained some amazing new ones. Here's a list of the new businesses that have popped up in Rochester over the past year. 


  • Credit: Real Deals via Facebook
    Credit: Real Deals via Facebook

    Real Deals

    This store has everything from clocks, mirrors, lamps, kitchen & bath decor plus, all the latest in fashion and accessories! Real Deals opened in October in Northwest Rochester. To read more, click here. 

  • Petco/Five Below

    Taking over the old Sports Authority location, two new stores:

    • A second location Petco
    • A new to this area teen shop - Five Below

    While neither of them are open YET (I believe), they are rumored to be opening before Christmas.

  • Chuck & Dons

    Speaking of pet stores, we did welcome a new pet supply shop known as Chuck & Dons. Chuck & Dons has nearly 40 locations in the Midwest, including their latest in the Barlow Plaza here in Rochester.

  • Anytime Rochester Facebook
    Anytime Rochester Facebook

    Anytime Fitness

    Earlier this year, a new 24 hour gym opened in Rochester. It's located in the same shopping center as Glynners on North Broadway.

  • lumencoffeeco.com

    Lumen's Coffee

    The new coffee shop took over the Snappy Stop location in Northwest Rochester on 55th Street.

  • Abe got a shop!

    People rave about Old Abe's Coffee, and now he has a shop that you can enjoy year round. He's whipping up the same coffee concoctions you fell in love with, plus other beverages, local beers and vegetarian food. You can find the shop/cafe at 832 7th St NW Rochester

  • The Doc

    Rochester welcomed a new radio station in 2017 - The musical doctor, 103.9 The Doc.

  • Cornona's Food Truck
    Cornona's Food Truck

    Corona's Taco Truck

    Still serving up tacos in the cold on the corner of Hwy 14 and Broadway.

  • Pancheros Mexican Restaurant

    Pancheros quickly became the new loved restaurant in town after opening in April this year.

  • Little Ceasars

    Pizza, pizza!! It opened at the very beginning of the year, but still worth mentioning. The popular chain opened the new location in Southeast Rochester.

  • ThinkStock Zager
    ThinkStock Zager

    Five Rochester Restaurants That Closed in 2017

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