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There's a Minnesota woman named Rose DeNardo who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday! Unfortunately, she had to celebrate during a pandemic, but she still got a very special surprise. It's hard to find a way to celebrate with family, especially older family members, during COVID, but Rose's family found a way. They were able to get almost 800 complete strangers to send Rose a birthday card.

They were originally hoping for at least 102 cards to go with it being her 102nd birthday, but they received way more than expected! Rose's family had put together a P.O. box to collect all of the birthday cards. Then they shared their story and the P.O. box on social media in hopes of meeting that 102 card goal.

Rose's daughter Karen spoke with KARE 11 about all of these cards. She said, "'I have been overwhelmed with joy each day I go to the P.O. box.'" They received 790 birthday cards from strangers wishing Rose a happy 102nd birthday. That's pretty amazing! I love seeing strangers come together to make someone's day a little better, especially in the midst of this pandemic.

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