The second season of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix's controversial teen drama series based on the Jay Asher novel of the same name, hit the streaming service on Friday, May 18, and if you're anything like us, you binged like crazy and then took some time to reflect and gather your thoughts on the season. And boy, do we have thoughts — or rather, questions.

Much like Season 1, which left a number of loose ends during the emotionally charged finale, Season 2 has similarly left viewers reeling from lingering questions we may or may not ever get answered. (The show has yet to officially be renewed for a third season, but it's only been a week.)

Below, we've rounded up some of the burning questions (thirteen, to be precise!) we have after watching Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.

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    Will Chloe keep the baby?

    Last we heard from head cheerleader Chloe, one of the new characters introduced this season, she was with Jessica in the girls bathroom during the Spring Fling dance, confessing her pregnancy. Is it Bryce's? What will she choose to do?

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    Why did Nina steal and burn the Polaroids?

    In the season finale, we finally learned it was Jessica's friend and fellow sexual assault survivor Nina who stole all the Clubhouse Polaroids from the backseat of Clay's car — but why did she destroy the evidence?

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    What happens to Clay now?

    The emotional Season 2 finale left us with the image of Clay holding the gun he took away from Tyler outside the Spring Fling, as police car sirens blare towards him. Will Clay be framed for the attempted massacre? How will he explain the car full of ammunition?

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    Will Jessica end up with Alex or Justin?

    Jessica went to the Spring Fling dance with Alex, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, where the two kissed. Later, however, she hooked up with her other ex-boyfriend, Justin, in the boys locker room. Where will this love triangle lead?

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    Will Bryce ever really answer for his crimes?

    The legal system failed Jessica, Hannah and other victims sexually assaulted and hurt by Bryce by allowing the rapist to walk free with no consequences other than three months probation, a restraining order and losing his scholarships. Will Bryce ever truly answer for what he's done to so many?

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    Will Alex fully heal?

    After attempting suicide at the end of Season 1, Alex had healed tremendously, thanks in part to Zach's encouragement and strength training. But the teen still has a long way to go: Will his memory ever fully recover?

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    Why is Justin being stalked?

    During Hannah's wake, a threatening-looking man—presumably Justin's drug-dealing stepdad, Seth—was seen parked outside Monet's, intensely watching Justin, who had just agreed to join the Jensen family as their adopted son. Is Seth after the money Justin stole weeks prior? What is he planning to do?

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    Will Tony get caught helping Tyler escape?

    The last we saw of Tony, he was speeding away with an attempted murderer, Tyler, in his passenger seat, in an effort to save Tyler's life and prevent him from making a terrible—and deadly—mistake. But if he's caught, how will his actions affect his probation?

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    Is Hannah really gone for good?

    Yes, Hannah is dead, but that didn't stop her from showing up in Season 2 as some sort of spectral manifestation of Clay's internal struggles. 13 Reasons Why began with Hannah's story, so if a third season is greenlit, will she somehow return? (It doesn't seem likely, though.)

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    Will we ever see Skye again?

    After breaking up with with Clay and seeking treatment for her bipolar disorder at a mental health facility, Skye reveals that she will be moving to another state to live with her aunt. Is this the last we—and Clay—will hear from Skye?

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    Will Monty get what he deserves?

    Monty and his goons brutally assaulted Tyler in the Season 2 finale, after sadistically tormenting him—as well as countless other Liberty students—across both seasons. Will the vicious jock ever be held accountable for his actions?

  • 12

    Will Kevin Porter ever work at Liberty High again?

    The guilt-ridden guidance counselor was let go from Liberty High this season. Will we ever see him again? And what happened to the stack of high-risk student files he left behind?

  • 13

    Will Zach ever connect with his mom?

    In Season 2, we learned Zach has much more depth than he initially let on, and that he struggles with his mom's inability to connect with him on an emotional level following his dad's passing. Will he ever be able to bridge the gap and find the emotional support he needs?

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