Summer will be here soon and with that come all the area festivals. There are so many places to have fun in Minnesota. Almost ALL of the festivals have a theme, like 'Marigold Days' or 'Cheese Days.'

Well, "" has compiled a list of the best 'Festivals in Minnesota That Food Lovers Should NOT Miss.' There's everything from sauerkraut to rhubarb to garlic.

Two area festivals made the list. At number one, you'll find 'Rhubarb Festival in Lanesboro'. That happens on June 4th.

At number nine on the list, it's Plainview's 'Corn on the Cob Days.' It's always the third full weekend in August. I used to be co-chair of that festival for 14 years back when I lived there. It takes quite a lot to make it all happen.

Do you know what it takes to pick and cook enough sweet corn for 15,000-18,000 people? It's quite an undertaking, with a huge group of volunteers, especially from the Plainview Lions Club, Lakeside Foods and Plainview Creamery.

What's you favorite festival of the summer? - Alan

Facebook/Rhubarb Festival Lanesboro MN
Facebook/Rhubarb Festival Lanesboro MN

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