Corona Virus! COVID-19. Wash with soap and water. Cough into your elbow. Keep your distance from people that DON'T cough into their elbow.  Oh, and don't touch your face.

Hearing that a lot these days and to be honest, if it took people a bit of a scare to get them to wash with soap and water, I'm happy at least that is happening. However, is the scare and the worry worth it? Are our elected leaders doing something to make sure we'll be safe.

Yep. And importantly, they're always planning and playing out scenarios and practicing. Are there specific plans for COVID-19? Yes. Are they locked in and absolute? No, because the info changes regularly. But the people charged with protecting us are ready to jump into action.

Here's Sheriff Torgerson talking about disaster preparations as an everyday thing and as it has to do with the Corona Virus:

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