Don't plan a trip to one of these 3 Minneapolis beaches for the long 4th of July weekend! These beaches are currently closed due to a rise in E. coli levels. The closed beaches are Lake Hiawatha Beach, Bde Maka Ska 32nd Street Beach, and Bde Maka Ska St. Thomas Beach.

Why the rise in E. coli levels? Bring Me the News writes that according to the Star Tribune, the increase in E. coli levels is probably because of storm runoff into Bde Maka Ska and Lake Hiawatha due to Sunday and Monday's heavy rainfall.

Typically if a Minneapolis beach closes it will re-open pretty quickly, within 24-48 hours, so if you were hoping to hit the beach on Saturday hopefully these 3 beaches will be open by then!

There's a list available of all of the Minneapolis beaches where you can check if they're open so you don't make the trip up to the Twin Cities only to turn back around. You can find the list HERE on the MPRB website.


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