Anyone else soooooo ready for Halloween!?

Halloween costumes are important for a lot of reasons. We want to attend costume parties, we want to have fun at work (if you can dress up), and we get to be whoever we want for the day! I obsess over mine every year!

Last year, $3.4 billion dollars were spent on Halloween costumes in the US.

Are you stuck on ideas for yours? Don't worry! I've got you covered with some fun Halloween costume ideas that are Rochester themed! What do you think about these?

  1. A Rochester orange construction cone: We did see a lot of them this summer! In fact, we're still seeing them! It's a pretty cheap costume too.
  2. A real Rochester honker!: You know - a Canadian goose! Our friends at Silver Lake! There's a cute way to wear the costume from Etsy. You're going to want to order this soon.
  3. A "zipper merge reminder": Hopefully, more folks will see your costume and remember to do the zipper merge as MNDot says!

Would any of these costume ideas work for you? Which one will you try?

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