Let's be honest, they're silly... but they are oh so us.

July will mark two years of me and my husband living in Rochester. Right now, we call NW Rochester home and have sincerely been happy too! It took us about a month to learn these "things" that I'm about to explain, and I'm about to (hopefully) make the life of those visiting or moving to Rochester easier.

TSM Rochester SM
TSM Rochester SM

Here are five "things" that are just so Rochester. It'll help to know...

1. There isn't an actual "subway", we just call it that. Yep, your native "subway" or "train" is probably a motorized device of some sort. Not in Rochester! Our "subway" is an underground walkable connection to buildings through downtown.

2. Don't jaywalk. Seriously, we actually obey crosswalks and their signals here.

3. We love our corn cob water tower. Is it silly? Yes. Is it us. Yes. We love it. We love how quirky it is and its sort of becoming part of our skyline. Be nice to it!

Did any of these tips help you? Rochesterites, would you say these things are true?

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