If you love to be outside and active, you live in the right state. I have learned over the years that I have to live in a state where there are plenty of hiking trails an enough to keep me busy outside. My family didn't spend much time at the lake because we always had sports on the weekends, but my cousins did. They have so many great stories about what they did.

With the 4th of July around the corner, many of us might spend some time at the lake. I know the few times, I have gone, I've forgotten things. So here is everything you need to have a fun weekend at the lake. I heard Foster Arend Beach is a cool place to check out. The city website says it's open Monday-Friday from noon to 8 pm and on the weekends from 10 am to 8 pm. Get your sunglasses and let's have some fun in the sun!

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Always make sure you have plenty of water. Staying hydrated is important especially if you are going to be active all day.


Snacks and food are a must. If you are going to have meat, make sure have a cooler with plenty of ice to keep everything cold. Other good snacks, fruit, granola bars, peanuts, fruit snacks, and chips.

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Something I always forget, sunscreen and bug spray. I feel like the bug spray is the most important thing. It's no fun being at the lake and getting eaten by all kinds of bugs. Another thing to keep handy is allergy medicine and Advil. Many of times you will need these medications when you don't have them. I normally keep them in my car so I have them all the time.

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Don't forget your towel. It's very handy to have one to lay on as well as dry off. I always like to have a few extras so I can sit on one on my way home and have one to wrap my wet clothes in. Those aren't essential, but handy to have.

If you have kiddos, always make sure to keep an eye on them when they are in or near the water. Floaties and other water toys might be fun to have especially if you plan to spend the whole day at the lake. Take lots of pictures and enjoy this beautiful weather while we still have it.

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