It's the quietest place in the world, and it's right here in Minnesota.

If you're ever taking 52 on the way to Minneapolis and the kids just won't be quiet, this is a sure way to snap them out of it. Hey - it would scare adults into silence too!

I'm talking about "The Quietest Place On Earth" which is right here in Minnesota. It's called Orfield Laboratories in south Minneapolis. Guinness even made their title official. The lab website explains, "The lab is called an anechoic chamber, meaning there is no echo as the room absorbs 99.99% of sound. It is used by various manufacturers to test product volume and sound quality – it can also drive a person mad."

The silence can be so deafening and concerning that visitors are asked to sit down while they tour it. There isn't an emotional reason behind that request per say (unless you're used to noise and silence does freak you out), there's actually a health concern behind it. The lab says, "A person’s orientation is largely secured by the sounds made when walking or standing, and as those sound cues are taken away, perception becomes skewed, and balance and movement becomes an almost impossible feat."


You can book a tour for your next trip to the Cities... if you dare Be warned: the trip will be a little pricey, but it could be worth the bragging rights and stories you'll tell.

I don't believe that I could handle staying in a room like this! I'm surrounded by noise CONSTANTLY! I'm not talking just about my job. I'm referring to the music, Netflix, bedroom fan, AC, and other random noises I hear daily too.

You don't realize how surrounded by noise we are until we're without it. Could you handle true silence?

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