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In the land of 10,000+ lakes, knowing how to swim and stay safe around water is extremely important for kids to learn.  Take a moment right now and go through the list of spots in Rochester that offer swimming lessons and get your child signed up this summer.

5 Places in Rochester Where Kids Can Learn How To Swim

Getting kids enrolled in swimming lessons is a perfect way to help kids of all ages learn skills so they can swim, have fun with their friends, but also stay safe as they are in pools and lakes this summer. Check out these 5 places in Rochester, Minnesota that offer swimming lessons.

Mom Tip:  Start early.  I didn't have a complete mom fail but I did enroll my kids in swimming lessons a bit later than most in town.  How did I know this?  Well, my kids were an entire head taller than all of the other kids in their classes.  It was quite obvious that they were the oldest...by a few years, but they soared through and are now confident swimmers.

And parents, there are several classes for the younger kids that want you to get in the water with your child.  I know you may not be jumping up and down to wear a swimsuit in front of people but put the suit on and sign up for the class.  You will have a blast with your child and you will both be learning valuable skills together - and will probably have fun too!

If you won cash, up to $10,000, what would you spend the money on?  Swimming lessons could be on your list bit just in case you are needing some other ideas, we put some together for you below.  Look below to see 10 ways you could spend $10,000 in 10 minutes in Rochester.

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