Admit it, as Minnesotans, we've all had these thoughts.

If you're reading this not understanding what "Minnesota nice" is, let me sum it up with this sentence; it's a stereotype that suggests Minnesotans are exceptionally courteous, reserved and mild-mannered - and overtly so.

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Hey, we take it as a compliment! It doesn't bother us when people from other parts of the country make fun of us for it.

However, I'm under the impression that sometimes being "Minnesota nice" just doesn't have a place in certain scenarios. Or, at least it shouldn't anyway. What say you? Here's my list of places and scenarios where we shouldn't be "Minnesota nice".

  1. In traffic: Driving is definitely a scenario where you be as direct as possible. Forget being reserved! If it's your turn at the stoplight, just follow the order and go!! Let's not wait two minutes while you clowns have a " go... no, you go!" battle of niceness!
  2. The hockey rink: Oh, we're playin' a game, eh!? Well someone has to win! Unfortunately, competition doesn't always breed niceness! You need some motivation!
  3. In an emergency situation: Squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  4. The bar: Don't be rude or aggressive, but do lighten up a bit and have fun when you're in a bar! Maybe don't be so reserved? You might make a new friend!
  5. Parades: GET ALL THE CANDY.

Would you add any other location or scenario to this list? I think this should get an honorable mention.

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