When you find a good hairstylist, it's almost like finding gold.

If you think about it, we trust them with a large part of our body. This website states, "The head of hair of average person contains around 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair."

We all know that you can go through many hair stylists before finding the "right" one. I decided to ask, "what does it take to be the right one?" How do you know when you've found a hair stylist you know you'll return to?

Sascha Schuermann
Sascha Schuermann

Speaking for myself, I just want to trust someone who respects my wishes when it comes to my look and creates a relaxed environment. It's just that simple. I don't want to be pressured to buy products while I'm the chair, and I know that's happened to a lot of us.

I found out yesterday that many of us want the same things from our hair stylists. Take a look at this!

My favorite words came from Linda in Stewartville, who explained that she stayed with her stylist of 25 years, because, "[...] she knows my hair the best and makes me look younger than I am!" Her stylist Jenny (who owns Innovations Hair Studio) responded, "Well, I help, but it's really your fun loving attitude that keeps you young!!!"

I decided to narrow these thoughts down to "five concise pillars" of what we look for in a hairstylist we'll stay with.

  • 1

    "She does a great job!"

    It's just that simple, folks. The quality of a stylists' work doesn't go unnoticed.

  • 2

    "She is flexible with her schedule!"

    This was from our friend Tracy, who goes to The Strand in Byron.

    A lot of clients appreciate this! Speaking for myself, I know I love Saturday appointments.

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    "I 100% trust her!"

    We all want to know that even if our stylist doesn't have the same vision as we do for our look, they'll at least respect it and create what we're looking for.

    Listener Sarah Q. was talking about Jenn at FloRae's Salon On Third here.

  • 4

    "She's focused on me."

    When you make your client your sole focus, it doesn't go unnoticed. This particular stylist ignores everyone else in the shop when she's got someone in the chair.

  • 5

    "They give a classy cut, color and style without the expensive price tag!"

    Again, price is also something that doesn't go unnoticed. We're not talking about bargains, but we are talking about being reasonable.


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