Better get out your calendar! You're going to want to put these parties on it.

Thinkstock: Scott Lewis
Thinkstock: Scott Lewis

To me, the best part about Halloween is getting to dress up and get goofy with your friends. There is no better place to show off a sweet Halloween costume than a Halloween party!

I decided to take the liberty of informing you where the best Halloween parties in Rochester are going to be thrown. Just remember to be responsible while you're out, of course.

This is the list of Halloween parties you're going to want to hit in Rochester, according to a Halloween nut - me:

  1. Boo Bash: It's at 125 Live and plenty of drinks will be available! Technically it's a "dance" too - so you know the music will be there! Oh, and a totally Instagrammable photo booth!
  2. Forager's "Kids Halloween Party": Head to Forager Brewing Company and bring the kids! This is a fun Halloween activity the whole community can get behind.
  3. T9PO Halloween Bash: Okay - I'm going to get flack for this because it's technically a local concert (a rock show, if you will), BUT you're more than welcome to party here Halloween weekend.
  4. Halloween Hootenanny: A fire pit, and costume party? I'm down. Head to the farm for more.
  5. Art Heads Hallow's Eve: This one is actually on Halloween, and will make for a chilled out awesome time.

Which party sounds like the most fun to you?

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