One of the hardest things to do is pack up your life and move halfway across the country, not know a single soul. Well, I've done that three times now! Let's just say I've had two really good experiences! My parents came into town last weekend and asked if there was anything that I was shocked to learn after moving to Minnesota. I thought I would share the five things no one told me before moving to the land of ten thousand lakes.

  1. That is rains all the time- I was warned the winters are brutal here to the point where you better have 15 layers to leave the house. No one mentioned the rain! It's been kind of a depressing summer because we haven't seen much sun! I sure hope that this was just an odd summer! At least that's what all the natives are saying.
  2. You gain weight within the first month of living here- I'm a very active person. I tend to work out way more than I should, so weight has never really been an issue until I moved here. There are so many good restaurants and these things called hotdishes, I've been taking in way more calories than I'm burning.
  3. You'll put miles on your vehicle from checking out all the sites- There is so much to see in Minnesota. I'm a huge outdoor person! I happened to got to Detroit Lakes for WeFest and realized that the North is BEAUTIFUL! The best part about our state... these so many outdoor activities, museums, tourist attractions and sporting events to keep you busy for a lifetime. I have recently created the Minnesota bucket list!
  4. There are these fuzzy bugs called Centipedes- My poor roommate heard me scream one night while doing laundry. There was this fuzzy bug crawling across our basement floor that I had never seen before. She told me it was a common bug out here and they were harmless! I sure hope she is right!
  5. There is no sales tax on clothes- The first time I bought a pair of leggings in Minnesota, I looked at my receipt and noticed there was no sales tax on them. I had to Google it to make sure I wasn't crazy! I found out I wasn't! My mom told me she'll take my credit card away if I use the no tax excuse to go shopping every week! ;)

There are so many things that I have learned about Minnestoa and myself from moving here. I hope to continue to grow and learn while I explore the land of ten thousand lakes.

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