We still have snow on the ground and have barely crept much above freezing this weekend, yet it's the first official day of spring. Only 92 days until summer. When you live in Minnesota, we won't get spring until late April or early May, and then by late May, it feels like summer and we're complaining about the heat. There is almost something wrong with Minnesota and its weather but we continue to stay here.

Here are 5 Ways Living In Minnesota Is Like Being In A Dysfunctional Relationship.

1) Your Loyalty Runs Strong. It doesn't matter how mad you are about the weather in Minnesota, the second someone insults it, you immediately jump to its defense. Don't talk about my state!

2) The Bad Days are Bad. It can be beyond bitter and frigid or hot and humid but we experience the extremes often. They come out of nowhere and sometimes last a few days and then everyone goes back to normal like everything is fine again.

3) But oh, those few good days. It only takes ONE WARM DAY, the metaphorical apology, to turn your whole attitude around and make you forget about all the bad days. People celebrate like it's a national holiday. It knows all we need is a little heat to butter us all up and keep us "good" for a little while.

4) There's always the "last word". Just when you think we've turned a corner, there is one last blast to prove it has control still. How can we forget the time it snowed in May? We know this wasn't the only instance of the "last word". Insert door slam.

5) We attend therapy to fix things. Therapy in this Minnesota relationship is also known as road construction "season".  We spend time fixing everything that we've messed up in the last year with hopes that it will be smooth sailing from there on out. Somehow those pesky potholes always find a way back into our path.

Say what you want about the weather but we are all tied to Minnesota and the love-hate relationship that we're in. Happy First "Official" Day of Spring!

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