Let me start by saying ANYONE that participates in handing out Halloween candy makes and investment of time and money so that's to be appreciated and applauded. But kids are kids and they do judge your house by the type of treats you serve.

Which one are you?

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You've got the caramel creams, those orange and black taffy pieces, the slo-pokes......

You're kind of an old timer. Sure it's nostalgic to you and you probably remember these being the best before "real candy" was created, so we'll take it easy on you. They aren't all that bad.

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You totally forgot the occasion and your doorbell is ringing so you grab what you can.....

You're unprepared. I'm sure you have a million reasons why you're candy-less but you've seen the grocery story stands for SEVERAL trips now. You'll be handing out coins and trinkets like crazy. Don't worry, somebody will think they are cool!

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You have the basics like Skittles, 3 Musketeers, the variety pack....

You're Ole' Trusty. Kids can count on their "fun size" favorites from you. It's the grab bowl that makes everyone happy because there is usually something they like plus it's an easy win for you since they come all in one pack!

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You mean well. You go with the "help you avoid diabetes and cavities strategy"....

You're the party-pooper. Now this is in their eyes remember. I am totally on board with this idea. I'd rather hand out raisins, bananas and floss cause you know how many don't use it, but at the end of the day, you'll get an eye roll.

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You have the variety pack with the dum-dums, tootsie rolls and chunky bubble gum.

You're McCheapface. Believe me I get that candy is expensive and I actually like the dum dums but kids have high expectations these days. The miniature, cheaper versions of the chocolate and suckers they love just don't quite get them squealing.

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You've baked and packaged these perfectly decorated, delicious sugar cookies...

You're Halloween Baking Champion. I'm jealous I can't bake OR decorate so you have my official mom-nod. My kids want these every time we go by them at Costco (which is probably we're I'd by them instead). Kudos to the "house to hit up".

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You just love to go all out with the "regular" size favorites that kids think are ginormous.

You're The "best" house. This is where kids brag they got the mother-load! Every kids will be running away screaming like they just won the lottery. Your investment is big in these but you are surely to be the house to hit every year. That's a big bar you set!

I think EVERYONE who participates in Halloween is awesome regardless of the label you are given. It's a great experience for kids to get out, practice manners and social skills and above all it creates memories! Enjoy and be safe!

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