Any other parent getting a bit anxious about having gifts shipped and arriving on time for Christmas?  I know that the UPS truck knows where I live in Rochester, Minnesota but all the stories about how shipping dates are going to impact Christmas shopping is making me a tad bit worried as a parent.  Shopping in person or at local stores might be the best solution this year and below are 7 stores in Rochester that you are going to want to visit before December 25th.

Top 7 Toy Stores in the Rochester, Minnesota Area

"What are the best toy stores in Rochester?".
If you hang out on social media at all, you will see this question a kazillion times between now and Christmas. If you are on the hunt to find the best and most perfect toy for your kids, look no further. Below are 7 spots in Rochester that have a great selection for all your toy shopping needs.

What's your favorite place to shop for gifts in Rochester?

If you had a day to just go shopping, what store would be your first pick?  And where do you shop when you are trying to find a "unique" gift for someone, maybe something that even has some Minnesota flair?  Let me know by sending me a message to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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Did you know Rochester has a few spots that are haunted?

It's true!  Rochester has quite a few spots that are said to be haunted and if you are brave enough, you can take a ride on a trolley to see the spooky for yourself.  Look below to see all of the locations that the Trolley of Doom will be stopping at this year.

The Spookiest Spots in Rochester, Minnesota

Did you know that Rochester, Minnesota has quite a few spooky spots that are perfect for celebrating the freakiest month of them all? Rumor is that we have ghosts, spooky hallways and elevators, and a haunted trolley is ready to take you to see all the horrifying areas of town. 😱. Grab your tickets here and get ready to visit all of these spooky spots around town.

While you are out doing all the Christmas shopping, fuel up at one of these top coffee shops in Rochester!

Not sure about you but shopping is somewhat exhausting for me.  I need coffee to fuel me for any shopping adventure, big or small.  As you are gearing up for a big shopping day, treat yourself too at one of these coffee shops in Rochester.

Top 15 Coffee Shops in Rochester

Looking for a great place in Rochester, Minnesota that is serving up some fantastic coffee? According to Yelp, here are the top 15 spots that were picked as the favorites.

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