1. Leave early

If you are heading up from Rochester, leave around 3 pm at the latest. Get up there early and get some dinner and drinks. It'll all be way cheaper anywhere else...

Traffic jam
Maciej Korzekwa

2. Reserve a parking spot

Nothing is worse than driving an hour and a half to find no parking spaces available. Use ParkWhiz to reserve a spot at one of several ramps and lots in the area.

OR, park outside of the cities and take the Metro to avoid the traffic.

3. Join a pre-party!!

There's a free Tailgate Party outside on the Downtown East Plaza complete with sand volleyball, lawn games, a Blue Chair Bay Rum Garden from noon until 4p.

There will be a pre-party event at Erik the Red in downtown Minneapolis (on the South side of US Bank Stadium) from noon until 7p.



4. Downgrade your purse

All you really need is your ID and some cash right? Don't bring your big bag. I made that mistake the other day, and as stupid as it may sound, my back was killing me by the end of the night. Use a clutch that has a wrist strap OR a cross-body bag (trust me).

5. Pack a cooler of water bottles in the car for after the show

Even if you're not drinking, you'll be parched from signing at the top of your lungs and dancing of course. You have an hour trip home, you'll thank me for the tip ;) Throw some snacks in there too.

Andy Parker

6. Ladies, wear your hair up

If you're dancing and having a really good time (and let's be real, you will), you're going to wish you put your hair up in a cute pony vs the mess that will happen if you attempt to leave it down... Plus, nobody wants your hair whipping them in the face - sorry, not sorry

7. Don't wear a jacket

You'll regret it the second you get too hot and have to carry it around the rest of the night.


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