I'm a simple girl. I'm what you'd call "mid-30s". I have 2 kids and hardly ever get anything for myself. When people ask me what I wanted for birthday, I wanted to say like groceries or a haircut but no one wants to give that! I enjoy wine, fitness and beauty and anything that makes life easier. But I also am not up to speed with all the cool things people are enjoying so I asked for your help.

Here's 9 gifts a girl like me would love.


  • Amazon sold By Insta Pot
    Amazon sold By Insta Pot

    Instant Pot

    As a busy mom, I try my best to prepare meals for my family. I do a lot of meal prep for freezer meals and this will make all that work so much easier to execute! (PS. I did get one from my sweetie and can't wait to try it!)

  • Amazon by Nintendo
    Amazon by Nintendo

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    This probably seems a little childish but it's nostalgic. I get beat by my kids all the time in Mario Kart on the Wii. It's only natural that I school them on Super Mario Bros.

  • igorr1

    Wine of the Month Club

    I love wine and I admittedly choose new wines by labels. Not always the best experience. Tessa is very knowledgeable and would love for someone to choose for me!

  • Amazon, sold by by Paperteire Blue
    Amazon, sold by by Paperteire Blue

    Adult Coloring Book

    I'm snarky and I love wine so this is the perfect fit. I've found these coloring books to be so useful for stress relief. Now I just need the time and no one wanting to "help" me color.

  • Amazon sold by Laghcat
    Amazon sold by Laghcat

    Mermaid Tail Blanket

    Now the chronically cold can channel their inner mermaid! I love this gorgeous crotched blanket! I can be warm and feel like a mermaid Goddess!

  • Amazon by Jet Pal
    Amazon by Jet Pal


    I constantly loose sunglasses so I usually buy 2 at a time. They get left or ruined so I never spend too much on them. You can bet I always need a new pair.

  • 7

    Target Gift Card

    Let's be honest, there is ALWAYS something I need (or want) at Target! It's like a weekly activity of mine so it's always something I will use.

  • My Messy Vehicle
    My Messy Vehicle

    Car Detail

    Having kids means having a messy car. No matter how much I try and pick things up and keep a trash bag, there is always crap, dust, crumbs, dirt, everything everywhere.

  • Contributed by Steve Frost
    Contributed by Steve Frost

    House Cleaning

    Keeping a house clean with kids is like shoveling while its still snowing! I do my best to keep up but never get down to the actual cleaning after picking everything up. I could use a little help!

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