We have all been driving and seen something that has made us stop and think, that's odd. Well last week, I was on my way to work when I stopped at a stoplight. When I looked over at the sidewalk, this woman was walking her dog and the dog made a friend. The friend happened to be a squirrel who was playing follow the leader. Every time the dog would trot, the squirrel would trot. When the dog would stop, the squirrel would stop. I almost missed the light because I was laughing and watching the two. This sparked the question, what is the oddest thing you have seen while driving? Here are some of the comments we got on Facebook.

My favorite comment actually turned into one of my favorite calls I have gotten in radio (listen below). Elizabeth was driving to work one day when she saw a cow in the middle of the highway. The crazy thing is she knew the lady that owned the property near the high way, so she gave her a call. Can you imagine driving by and just having a cow walking through heavy traffic! That must have been nuts.

The real-life dog and pony show happened in Minnesota. I would have been laughing so hard all the way down the highway. It probably wouldn't have been safe for me to drive.

That takes some major skill to drive with a bird on you had. That must have been a very well behaved bird. That probably wasn't the first time the bird has done that.

Another funny story. Well, you can't unsee that, but now that is a funny story to tell.

If you have never seen a bear in the wild, it's cool and scary at the same time. That poor little cub though. Being tied up is no fun at all. I would hate to be the one to go let it free.

This sounds so cool. It's amazing to watch animals in their natural habitats. It would have been awsome to catch that on video because that is a once in a lifetime event.

Here's an interesting one for you. A lot of odd things happen on public transportation. Maybe they had to wear that for work? Or... maybe that's the new fashion trend?

Dogs are so adorable in vehicles. That would be such a cute sight to see. Hopefully, that made your day.

Those were the nine odd things people in Minnesota have seen while driving. Hopefully, some of these have put a smile on your face.

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