Yeah, you read that right. A garden in Minnesota that is full of rocks, and it is delightful to look at.

I never saw this coming and frankly had no idea that Minnesota was even home to a rock garden. I didn't even know that a rock garden was a thing. Yet, according to Only In Your State, Minnesota's only National Park is home to the most unique rock garden around.

Located at Yoyageurs National Park near International Falls, The Ellsworth Rock Garden is a beautiful garden filled with different rocks since the 1940s. Named after Jack Ellsworth, who worked on the garden for 20 years.

There are several different rock sculptures from small stones stacked on huge boulders that are a magical sight for visitors across the state if you are willing to make the trek to International Falls to see it.

You can check out some amazing photos of the rock formations from Only In Your State website.

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