Heads up Blooming Prairie there is a 'prison' coming in February to downtown Blooming Prairie. B to Z Hardware is going to be offering up a 'prison of love' for Valentine's Day. So are you going to go into love lockdown?

From the team that brought you Cousin Eddie's RV and a complete winter/holiday destination in downtown Blooming Prairie comes the more serious sounding prison of love. All we know is what B to Z Hardware in Blooming Prairie has posted to it's social media.

"Prison of Love is coming to B to Z Hardware for Valentine's Day! You will be able to get your picture in a jail cell with your Valentine! Coming soon at B to Z Hardware ... LOVE IN THE PRAIRIE!"

If it's anything like what was available in December it will be well worth the drive and experience.

Other things happening in Blooming Prairie during the month of February are:

It's great to see a smaller community like Blooming Prairie really embrace their downtown and see all of the businesses working together to keep it alive and vibrant.

Don't forget that Valentine's Day is roughly 32 days away...ahem...a reminder.

When we find out more information in regards to the 'prison of love' we will let you know here.


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