You asked, and here's my answer. This is my "how to" guide for creating a pretty "smokey eye" look.

Kat Von D Beauty Fragrance Launch Press Party #SAINTANDSINNER At Roosevelt
Getty Images for KAT VON D BEAUT

I've been a serious fan of Kat Von D (for many reasons) since 2008. What I always admired about her most was that she looked like me, even naturally! She had pale skin with dark hair, and had a lot of fun playing with her look. She's known for creating amazing "smokey eyes" regularly.

Since then, I've been wearing a smokey eye pretty regularly too. Okay, maybe not to much as work... but sometimes. As I get older, I find myself reserving this look for nights out.

It seems like it takes forever to do, but it really doesn't. You just need to remember two "keys" ...or tricks, as I call them. Firstly, you can't go wrong with a good palette - and mine is E.L.F's smokey eye! Secondly, a good eyeliner will tie everything together, so it won't look too crazy. My choice is Covergirl's Ink It line.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you how I do my "smokey eye" look! Enjoy!

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