A few months ago, I had the opportunity to hang out at Deer Creek Speedway for their Veterans Night. While there, I met a lot of amazing people that have sacrificed so much for our amazing country. Last night when I was watching the CMA Awards and saw a familiar face on my screen. I was so excited the whole world got to hear her story.

Sailor Jerri is from Minnesota and was an Aviation Mechanic for the Navy. Ever since then she has devoted her life to giving back to veterans through music. She brought tears to my eyes when she sang, "Hallelujah Veterans Versions" at Deer Creek Speedway that night. She touches the hearts of so many veterans here in Minnesota.

Last night you probably saw her in this video.  Then a few minutes later... you saw Sailor Jerri all dolled up in a beautiful dress.

So not only did she get the chance to meet Thomas Rhett, go to the CMA Awards, share what she does with the world... she also got to introduce the performance of Dierks Bently and Sheryl Crows with Reba. Sailor Jerri looked amazing last night and did such an amazing job introducing a powerful performance.

Sailor Jerri
Sailor Jerri and Deer Creek Speedway

They truly could not have picked a better person to represent veterans. Great job Sailor Jerri! I'm so lucky I got the opportunity to meet you! I don't think I say this enough, thank you so much to all the veterans and active military members out there. There isn't enough room on this page to thank you for all you do!

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