Many of us are working from home with our kiddos. This not only means we have more distractions, but it also means that we have access to our refrigerator all day. I don't know about you, but the last few days I've found myself snacking A LOT! I was on Facebook last night and my aunt shared this viral post that I thought Minnesota parents might find to be helpful.

This mom had a great idea. She put out totes in the morning with the kid's daily snacks in it. The kiddos could choose when they would eat the snack throughout the day. Once their tote was empty, they were done snacking for the day. Like she said in the post, that's NOT the only food they got. She made sure to feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This was just her strategy to save money and not have to go to the grocery store every day to get more snack foods.

This is a great teaching moment as well. Essentially it teaches resource management as well as self-control. If you only have so many snacks a day, you have to plan strategically how you are going to eat them. It also helps limit the times you have to step away from your work. If the snacks are on the counter, the kids won't come in every five minutes and tell you they are hunger. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

How are you handling the snacking situation at your house? Are you doing something like this? Do you allow your kids to go into the refrigerator as they please? Let us know how you are handling snack time inside our station app.

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