I laughed pretty hard when I read Accuweather's winter forecast called for "periods of cold and snow." A cold snowy winter is pretty much the norm here so I chuckled through their prediction until I got to the part where they said how much snow we could get.

Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok leads Accuweather's team of weather experts and says it's going to be a "busy" winter. You can read their long-range forecast for Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin below and check out the coldest cities in the United States at the bottom of this story.

Accuweather's 2021/2022 Winter Forecast For Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa

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January and February are typically the most uncomfortable winter months and they might be even worse this year.

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BRRRR!!!  Several cities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa landed on the list of the coldest cities in America. See the full list at the bottom of this story but first, read how cold and much snow is forecasted for this winter.

Just How Much Colder Will January and February Be?

photo by Kim David
photo by Kim David

“It’s going to be a busy one in the northern Plains and Great Lakes this year,” Pastelok said, adding that the regions will get a combination of bitterly cold air and above-normal snowfall.


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The Accuweather team says daily temps in January could be 5-10 degrees lower than what they normally are and those below average temps could linger into February.

Temperatures in January could end up being 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower than they were last winter across the Plains -- and the Arctic air is likely to remain in place over the region into February.

Just How Much More Snow is Predicted for The Winter of 2021/2022

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Now would be a good time to fire up the snowblower to make sure it's working because Accuweather is calling for above-average snowfall. They say the snowfall this region gets could be 25-49% more than usual.

BRRRR: The 15 Coldest Cities in America


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