The Department of Natural Resources does great things to protect and educate us about the great outdoors. Every year, DNR's across the country host art competitions to choose the design that will be printed on this year's habitat stamps. Back in Colorado, every fifth grader participated in the Duck Stamp competition. It was kind of fun, but if you were like me and not artistic at all, it was kind of a chore.

The results are in for the Minnesota stamp competition. An Albert Lea man won this year's pheasant stamp. Mark Kness came out on top out of 11 submissions according to Post Bulletin. According to the article, the winner was selected by a panel of judges. He painted two pheasants in flight over what looks like a farm. The article states that this is Kness's first time winning a stamp competition.

If you plan on going pheasant hunting in 2020, you'll have a reproduction of this painting on your habitat stamp. The article claims that hunters age 18 to 64 must purchase this stamp for $7.50 before hunting. The proceeds go to pheasant habitat management and protection. A lot of folks collect these stamps for fun. If you are one of those folks, you can purchase this stamp for 75 cents. It is really cool to see how the stamps change from year to year and from state to state. The DNR website isn't updated yet with all the winners for 2020 but will be soon.

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