Think of it as a way to get outside and burning off all those extra calories from that massive turkey dinner you're about to consume!


While you may argue that you are indeed "getting out" by doing your Black Friday shopping this week, we were thinking you could take it to the next level and stay outside - by enjoying "Free Park Friday"!

That's what Lt. Governor Tina Smith has declared that this Friday November, 24th be as all fees to all 75 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas will be waived.

It's as good excuse as any to enjoy the outdoors with your families who've made their yearly visit for the Thanksgiving holiday.

In fact, many parks across the state have set up fun activities for its visitors, including Whitewater State Park:

  • Beavers in Winter – Find out how beavers survive and thrive in cold weather from 10am to 11:3am. Meet at the visitor center for a brief introduction, then take a hike to look for signs of beaver. You can contact them at their new phone number at 507-312-2300.

For more winter activities in Minnesota you can check out

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