I know that times are challenging right now - gas is incredibly high, we have a huge shortage of formula and families are struggling just to find the cans that their babies need, and prices of groceries at the store are increasing by the day.  And I don't know the personal challenges that the individual is going through who is stealing tip and coin jars in Rochester, Minnesota...but the latest theft was from a nonprofit in town.


Rochester Area ReStore in Southeast Minnesota Asking for Coin Bank to Be Returned

On Saturday, May 21st, the Rochester Area ReStore posted the sad message that they were missing one of the coin banks that once sat on their Welcome Desk.

We are heartbroken at the ReStore that Gerry the Giraffe is missing their best friend Alex the Alligator. Alex was stolen off of the top of our Welcome Desk earlier today between noon and 2:30 PM. Alex and Gerry are fun coin banks that children come in and look forward to donating their change with, helping our mission of making sure everyone has a decent place to live. We understand that times are tough, but these banks don't hold enough change in them to make anyone rich; at most $60 a month between the two if we are fortunate. However, the fun memories these provide for grandchildren with their grandparents, kids with parents, and young people learning the importance of giving to those in need is immeasurable.
We want Alex back. He was a donation from a long time volunteer. If you know his whereabouts, please reach out to us or return him. He can be left back where he normally resides on the Welcome Desk, in the entry vestibule, on the donation shelves outside, or given to any of our volunteers. - Rochester Area ReStore Facebook Page


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Miracle Field Rochester MN
Miracle Field Rochester MN

$200,000 Needed to Restore the Miracle Field in Rochester, Minnesota

Baseball is a big deal all over MinnesotaIowaIllinois, and Wisconsin!  Going to watch the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Saint Paul Saints, and the Iowa Cubs, even the Rochester Honkers, is an amazing experience.  But, playing the game of baseball yourself is an American pastime that so many love.  Unfortunately, when the field isn't in great condition you sometimes can't play and right now, that is the reality at Miracle Field in Rochester, Minnesota.

Rochester, Minnesota Athletes Need a Miracle for Their Field!

The Miracle Field in Rochester, Minnesota needs a miracle!

Back in 2006, Miracle Field was constructed to allow all abilities the opportunity to get on the field to enjoy a game of baseball rather than just cheering from the sidelines. The field is a barrier-free, handicapped-accessible baseball field that is enjoyed by many but unfortunately, the field is no longer safe and needs to be restored.

The cost to restore Miracle Field is $200,000 and thankfully, over $90,000 has already been donated.

With the communities help, the goal of $200,000 will be met, and "Play Ball" will once again be cheered in June 2022.

To Donate - Click on the link below to support our athletes with disabilities. This is an easy, safe, and secure way to make tax-deductible donations.

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