It's almost hard to wrap your head around how much water this we're talking about.


Those big rains we had earlier this month dumped an incredible amount of water into Lake Superior-- and I do mean incredible. Remember those massive waves that pounded Canal Park in Duluth, causing flooding and damage earlier this month?

That was just ONE storm among several this fall on the Big Lake They Call Gitchee Gumee. My wife and I had just spent a weekend Duluth in September for a friend's wedding, so the North Shore is still fresh on my mind. And these numbers are HUGE.

According to Twin Cities meteorologist Paul Douglas, check out just how much water was actually dumped into Lake Superior: "Over the past 30 days, all of the surface of Lake Superior had at least 5.8 inches of rain. Some smaller sections had over 13 inches of rain," he noted. Which figures out to...are  you ready for this?

Over 2 trillion gallons of water! Yeah, that's trillion-- with a 't'. In other words, a lot!

And, it's had an effect on the lake too. This KTTC-TV story says thanks to all that rain, the water level on Lake Superior has risen a whopping 3-inches in the last month alone.

And that equals 1,650 billion gallons of water. To put that into perspective, all that extra rain alone is about 330,000 times more water than the city of Duluth goes through in an entire year!

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