Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester Fire Department responded to another clothes dryer fire this morning. Captain Brett Knapp says the fire was reported about 7:45 in a duplex at 826 5th Avenue Southeast, where firefighters found smoke coming out of an open door at the rear of the residence when they arrived at the scene.

The smoke was so thick in the basement, the firefighters used a thermal imager to locate the burning appliance and put out the flames using multiple fire extinguishers. After shutting off the gas supply to the dryer, it was determined the fire had not spread. The fire crews then hauled the burned clothing outside and ventilated the duplex. No injuries were reported and the damage was confined to the destroyed dryer and clothing, along with some smoke damage to the residence.

Captain Knapp says the Rochester Fire Department has recently responded to several dryer fires and today’s incident should serve as another reminder of the importance of keeping dryers and dryer vents properly serviced and cleaned. Statistics show, on average, dryer fires results in 9 deaths, 420 injuries and over $200 million in damage nationwide each year.

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