Thursdays On First & 3rd really is one of the best things about summer in Rochester, and the Quick Country 96.5 crew had another great time downtown in the Med City yesterday!

A big shout out to the Rochester Downtown Alliance for putting on the weekly party that is Thursdays On First! From all that fabulous food (shout-out to Tinn's for another great Chipotle Philly cheesesteak), to the great beverages (shout-out to Minnesota's Surly Brewing!), it's always a great time.

The weather Thursday was great, too -- a lot cooler, less humid and more comfortable than on Wednesday. It was a perfect night to check out some great live music, provided by the Rutabaga Brothers and Mark Joseph and the American Soul.

Thanks also to everyone who let me pester them by taking a selfie. (I'm probably the only person still carrying around a selfie stick anymore!)  Were you there last night? Check out the pictures!

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