Sure, the calendar says so. And, yes, we already changed our clocks and 'sprang ahead' too. But here's yet another sure sign spring has sprung here in Minnesota.


Not that I mark the changing of the seasons by which adult beverage is available (okay, I actually do), but I know it's spring now that one of my favorite spring and summer beers has arrived: Surly Brewing's own Xtra-Citra Pale Ale!

Surly, one of Minnesota's famous craft brewers, rolled out this year's batch of my favorite summer beer late last week, and it showed up on stores shelves here in Rochester earlier this week.

I picked up a four-pack on my home the other day. What I love about Xtra-Citra is that it has a great hoppy-taste, like many of Surley's other beers (like Furious), but it's much lighter and has a lower alcohol content.

Surly first introduced Xtra-Citra last year, and I loved it. But it was originally only a seasonal beer, meaning that as of late last summer, it was gone. Which is why I'm so happy that it's back.

But, hold on, there's now even better news: Surly announced earlier this spring that they're making Xtra-Citra one of their year-round beers, so I'll be able to enjoy it no matter which season it is! Woo hoo!

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