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The National Weather Service has confirmed what pretty much everyone already knew; it was very windy last month.

In fact, April 2022 is now listed as the fourth windiest April on record in Rochester. The average wind speed, measured at the Rochester Airport, was 16.2 mph. That tied April 1981 at the number four spot. The windiest month of April on record occurred in 1964 when the average wind speed was 16.7 mph.

Last month was also tied with January 1986 and April 1981 as the 12th windiest month of any month in the Rochester area. March 1982 holds the record with an average wind speed of 17.8 mph.

Statistics show April is traditionally the windiest month of the year in Rochester. The overall average wind speed for the month is 13.5 mph.

Last month will also be listed as among the wettest Aprils on record in Rochester. The precipitation total was 6.83 inches, which was about 3.3 inches above normal. 2001 had the wettest April on record with 7.3 inches of precipitation. The National Weather Service says the wettest day last month was April 12 with 2.25 inches of precipitation.

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The month was also colder than normal but not cold enough to make the National Weather Service's top 10 list. The average temperature at the Rochester airport last month was 40.3-degrees. That was nearly 5-degrees below the average for April and it was tied with 1995 as the 12th coldest April on record. The coldest April for the Rochester area was just four years ago when the average temperature was only 34.5-degrees.

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