A new survey asked people to rank the top ten most 'magical' moments in their life. Do you agree with what they came up with?

Now, while this new survey was actually done across the pond in the United Kingdom (thanks to the gang at the Daily Mirror), these events-- I mean, 'moments'-- seem to be fairly universal, even here in Minnesota. Check out what tops the list:

1. Hearing your child's first word.
2.  Getting married.
3.  Having a baby.
4.  Buying your first home.
5.  Passing your driving test.
6.  Falling in love for the first time.
7.  Hearing someone say, "I love you" back to you.
8.  Your first kiss.
9.  Getting your first paycheck.
10.  Hearing your baby cry for the first time.

Just missing the top ten were things like buying your first car, seeing your favorite band live for the first time and graduating from college.

Yeah, I'd pretty much agree with most of those. And, seeing as we don't have kids, I'd put marrying my wife, Katie, at the top of my list. And, because I'm a big animal lover, picking out my first dog, Dexter, when he was just a 12-week old pup probably makes the list too.

And, I'd also add-- and sorry, Vikings fans-- seeing your team (and for me, that'd be the Packers... like I said, sorry!) win the Super Bowl. (When Brett Favre and the Packers beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 31, it WAS pretty magical-- especially considering they'd been so awful for all the 70's and 80's when I was a kid.)

What are YOUR top ten magical moments?

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