When it comes to our pets, we all want what's best for them. Rochester has a few city ordinances to help ensure this, but are you violating them?

A lot of us own pets in Minnesota. The Star Tribune explained recently that, "The American Veterinary Medical Association found that Minnesota ranks 42nd in pet ownership, with 53 percent of households owning a pet. The national average is 56 percent."

I've got a cat, and right now she's my only pet. When we first moved to Rochester, we were quickly informed by most apartment complexes in the area that they wouldn't accept reptiles. My husband LOVES lizards and snakes, so this was a small bummer. However, this made me wonder... why? Why the rules against them?

I couldn't quite find the ordinance in connection to this (except for one somewhat stating, "they can get REALLY big!"), but I did discover some other rules you may want to be aware of.


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    How Many Animals Am I Allowed To Keep?

    According to the city ordinance website, they state that the rule is, "No person shall keep nine or more multiple animals over the age of six months within any household in the City of Rochester. The term “multiple animals” means two or more cats, dogs or ferrets."

    Furthermore, "Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, no person shall keep six or more dogs over the age of six months within any household in the City of Rochester. These limits do not apply if a breeder’s permit is applied for and issued pursuant to section 106A.19."

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    How Many Animals Can I Move To Rochester With?

    If you're like me, and a newcomer to Rochester, before you make the move you might want to know this...

    The city ordinance states, "Any person who moves into the City of Rochester may bring into the City any number of cats, dogs or ferrets that do not exceed the limits identified in this Section. The animals must be micro-chipped or provided with an ID tag meeting the requirements of this chapter within 30 days of establishing residence in the City."

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    photo courtesy Minnesota Zoo

    Can I Have An Exotic Animal In Rochester?

    This one is tough. The city ordinance on this is, "It shall be unlawful to keep any wild animal within the City limits, except as permitted pursuant to the provisions of this section."

    If you're wondering how "exotic" is defined, they explain, "[...] "wild animal" shall have the following meaning: Any animal, mammal, amphibian or reptile which is of a species which is wild by nature or of a species which due to size, vicious nature or other characteristics is inherently dangerous to human beings."

    They even go so far as to get species specific. Apparently, pot-bellied pigs are okay.

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    Getty Image - Romantic, huh?

    What's The Poo Rule?

    This rule is very clear, stating, "It is unlawful for any person who owns or has custody of a dog or cat to cause or permit such animal to defecate on any private property without the consent of the property owner or on any public property, unless such person immediately removes the excrement and places it in a proper receptacle."

    Be sure to pick up that poo!

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    What If My Dog Barks A lot?

    You might want to be mindful of how long your dog is barking for.

    The city ordinance on this explains, "It shall constitute a nuisance and be unlawful if any dog barks, whines, howls, bays, cries or makes other noise excessively so as to cause annoyance, disturbance or discomfort to any individual provided that such noise lasts for a period of more than five minutes continuously or intermittent barking that continues for more than one hour and is plainly audible outside the property limits of where the dog is kept."

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    Can I Take My Pet On Car Rides?

    You can, but do it safely.

    They explain, "Animals must be contained within the passenger section of any vehicle or placed in crates or carriers of sufficient size to accommodate the animal."

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    What If My Dog Gets Loose?

    It's so sad when this happens, but keep a close eye on your pup. They could be considered, "at large", and that means...

    "An animal control officer may apprehend and take possession of any animal at large. Any animal apprehended by an animal control officer may be conveyed to the city animal shelter to be there confined until released or disposed of as hereinafter provided."

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